Georgia Election Worker Scans Same Ballot Stack Five Times!


The evidence continues to surface of voter fraud, ballot tampering and election workers scanning ballots multiple times like the video from Nov 3rd below, yet state officials, courts and even members of Congress don’t seem to care! They admit fraud is taking place but claim it’s not enough to change the results of an election. How do they know? How many times did scenes like this take place in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona and other swing states? This is the second video to come out of GA by the way where progressive Gov Kemp and Sec of State Raffensperger swear nothing to see.

Progressives get away with this because they know right leaning Americans aren’t going to do anything about it. If the tables were flipped Leftists would already be raising hell in GA, PA, WI, AZ etc and planning to go all out in DC. The Right, nope, y’all are getting together in DC for a pep rally Mayor Bowser is already calling the National Guard in to corral and ordering businesses (that are still open) to close up shop over the next couple of days.

Take the gloves off America otherwise they’re going to continue walking all over you.