Over 423,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania


The democrats didn’t hold back pulling every trick in the book to steal the 2020 election. Ballots being counted multiple times, mail-in ballots being filled in by the same person or via printing press, votes for Trump being flipped to biden – they showed the world how far they’re willing to go for power. In PA data analysts claim over 423,000 votes for the President were removed. That means 423K Trump supporters votes were eliminated. Did you vote in PA, how does it feel knowing your vote was deleted or flipped to biden?

What you’ll hear in this video is statistical impossibilities. The only way biden could win is through cheating.

The proof exists this election was stolen not only from Trump buy YOU his supporters, but SCOTUS and countless members of the GOP couldn’t careless, not to mention elected officials at the state level who are knee deep in this coup. Now you know how voters in Venezuela and other 3rd world countries feel.