Trump Shreds Covid Bill, Threatens to Veto Unless Congress Makes Drastic Changes


Pres Trump once again is showing why 80+ MILLION people voted for him Nov 3rd by calling out Congress to redo the disgraceful omnibus and covid aid bill loaded with massive unrelated pork spending. He cited several examples how billions of American’s tax dollars are being shelled out to countries and special interests who HATE us!

Trump wants Congress to redo the bill cutting the wasteful spending, for example $40M to the Kennedy Ctr that isn’t even open and $10M going to Pakistan for gender programs, and increasing the money going to US citizens from $600 to $2000! If not he will veto the bill and we all know how dems will react, “he wants to families to starve” while they praise dem governors and mayors who have put people out of business.

This bill is Exhibit A of how things will go back to the way they were under a HARRIS/biden regime. This is OUR money, but Congress seems to think it’s theirs to do and spend as they wish.

Y’all better pray Trump beats the progressives Jan 6th or this bill will be nothing compared to what the DC monsters will be doing to us.