Pelosi Says Giving You $600 is ‘Significant’ While Shelling Out BILLIONS in Foreign Aid & Pet Projects


If you haven’t heard Congress has finalized their 5,593 page $2.3 TRILLION omnibus spending and covid aid relief bill. Americans who have had their hours cut or jobs lost, businesses restricted if not put out of business over the last 9 mos will get a ‘significant’ one time check for $600, while BILLIONS will be shelled out in foreign aid and friends of the elite.


Nancy cares so much for America, like when she delayed aid in the first place before the election to hurt Trump. She and ALL of DC are completely out of touch with reality, and the dems knows it which is why the stole the election from Pres Trump. Yes there are some republicans objecting like Rand Paul, but we all know this POS bill will be passed by these TYRANTS.

These monsters have allocated YOUR tax dollars to go to pet projects like the JFK Center for Performing Arts, who will be receiving $35,000,000! And then there are countries who do nothing for any of us like the Sudan that will be getting $700,000,000.

DC is disgusting and vile. This is one more reason some how, some way Trump has to retain the presidency. A LOT of people better show up Jan 6th for the protest to send these monsters a clear message We’re Done With ALL of Them!