Pelosi Admits Playing Politics With American’s Livelihoods Holding Up Covid Aid For Months


When democrats get their way they get cocky and run their mouths admitting things they did that were deceptive or in this case hurt the country. Nanzi Pelozei confident ‘now because we have a new president’ told reporters it was her decision, playing politics, to hold back on covid aid for months. If you recall her version of a bill was a quite large unrealistic bill, but now that we have a new president well she’s okay with a smaller package like what the republicans were trying to get through.

You dem voters out there who are hurting like everyone else, these dem officials don’t care about. Pelosi and the democrat confederacy USED YOU to get more power and you gave it to them while also being a party to unseating the most productive President this country ever had. When your taxes and costs for things go up you’ll have only yourselves to blame, but hey at least you finally got that covid check that won’t cover all your bills right!?

Democrats are going to destroy whats left of this country, now that it is a banana republic like Venezuela.