Judge Nap: Call For Unity Won’t Last Much Longer

Couldn’t agree more with Judge Andrew Napolitano. Let’s be honest the vitriol, hateful rhetoric and acts of violence are all coming from the left. It’s not republicans, conservatives or TEA Party types rioting, burning property, assaulting people, creating hoaxes to remove POTUS or attempting to assassinate republican leaders to swing the balance of Congressional power!

I’m tired of hearing “We” need to tone things down when it is the left causing all the trouble. Democrat leaders, the corrupt democrat controlled media and Hollywood liberals are driving the division that is tearing the country apart.

And why are they doing it? They hate capitalism, freedom (constantly want to take rights away) and Donald Trump, who is dismantling everything they accomplished during obama’s two terms that was nothing but a detriment to the nation socially, economically while also weakening America’s stance globally. The left hates YOU because you believe in the things they oppose, so they call you nazi, fascist, bigot and racist when they are in fact all those nasty things they call the right.

This call for unity isn’t going to last. The dems will be right back to playing dirty like they always have because it’s all they know. You’ll see, when they don’t get their way they will be the same party of obstruction and destruction we know them to be.