Pelosi Attacks GOP For Telling the Truth Left-Wing Rhetoric is to Blame For Shooting

Not even a day after an attempted assassination by a democrat and this WITCH is already going back to the divisive script vs fake calls for unity. How dare they she asks? Since when is telling the truth a crime that should be condemned by one of the biggest bomb throwers!?

Do you need anymore proof America? The left is vile and evil who cannot stop with the vitriol and division. Nancy Pelosi can grandstand and condemn republicans all she wants, it will not change the fact it is democrats, the media they control and Hollywood libs behind the hateful rhetoric that fuels a loon to attempt a mass assassination. Granted the right has some loons among it’s ranks, the big difference is Pelosi, if questioned by a real journalist, could not cite when republican supporters took to the streets and rioted. It wasn’t republicans or conservatives who attempt to silence opposing viewpoints on a daily basis. They don’t hunt professors down to intimidate them and didn’t trash Berkeley or take to the streets to riot because they lost an election or a bill they didn’t like became law.

Go right on being the tip of the spear to dividing this country Nancy. Judge Napolitano was right, the call for unity won’t last… it didn’t even make it 24 hours with Pelosi!