ISIS Has Executed US Aid Worker Peter Kassig

Jihadi John evil eyesLooks like the airstrikes that injured Jihadi John came a little too late…

Once again obama’s JV Team has taken another innocent life. US aid worker Peter Edward Kassig (Abdul Rahman Kassig), who was aiding Syrian refugees before being taken captive by the death cult, has been executed.

ISIS Syrian soldier to be executedThe 15 minute propaganda video is far more brutal and graphic than anything in the past. It shows a number of Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers being executed in a mass beheading! But oddly, Kassig was not executed by Jihadi John on film?? Instead we only see the aftermath where John explains he had nothing to say that hasn’t been said by his fellow captives before their demise….

Prior to the execution of Syrian soldiers Jihadi John, as expected, sent a message to obama:

JJ box of knives“…obama the dog of Rome, today we’re slaughtering the soldiers of Bashir and tomorrow we will be slaughtering your soldiers and **unintelligible** mission we will break this final and last crusade. And the islamic state will soon **unintelligible** like your puppet David Cameron said will begin to slaughter your people on your streets…”

John’s message after showing the aftermath of Kassig’s execution was that he and ISIS are anticipating a US troop surge and looking forward to fighting the US in Iraq. We can also assume from his message to obama ISIS will strike in the US at civilians.

Do not expect obama to retaliate or take any aggressive manner with ISIS. He has sat back and allowed them to grow where in the video they announce the expansion of the Islamic State in al-Haramayn, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. Nothing, not even the beheading of another American will stop him from pushing amnesty and his radical agenda!

(I have the uncut video, but will be posting Jihadi Johns comments in audio form only b/c the imagery is worse than before)