Obama Plays Stupid Claims He Just Learned About Gruber Who is ‘Some Advisor Who Never Worked on Our Staff’

Grubergate epitomizes the arrogance and elitist mentality from this regime. Darth Hussein lies, plays stupid that he just learned about this and Gruber is just “some advisor”!?

This “advisor” not on staff had multiple visits to the WH and made an estimated $4 million selling us out! Even now after all we have learned about Gruber and his involvement with obama planning obamacare we are still treated like stupid voters. Gruber is on record saying obama was present during discussion on how to deceive the American people.

Look at the look on obama’s face again, see the smile/ smirk? This is all a big joke to him! He knows obamacare was the biggest con ever put over in history and that’s the smirk of someone getting away with a crime!

America are you listening? This man is again blatantly lying because he knows he can get away with it! Why? Because this inept, incompetent and impotent Congress set precedent to never hold him accountable AND because you have never expressed true outrage! No no one is saying riot and destroy property but for the love off God can we get at least half the number of people marching on DC as we did in 2009/10? To be silent is to speak, and being silent tells this lawless president it’s okay keep doing what he is doing!