Biden: “We Choose Truth Over Facts”

Joe Biden is at it again… but at least he is being honest over the tactics the Left uses to win hearts and minds!

For those confused as to why, you have to remember Leftists are MASTERS of language/ messaging. These are the people who wrote the book on telling a lie over and over again until it becomes the TRUTH!! The truth as Biden says here gets chosen over facts.

Perfect example of “truth over facts” is the lies the Left tells on gun control: The Left lies incessantly over the lack of background checks, even though the fact of the matter is background checks exist. No one reading this can walk into a gun shop or attend a gun show and walk out an hour later with gun in hand from a dealer. ‘High Capacity Magazine’ is another “truth” the Left created in order to find ways around the Second Amendment to put restrictions on gun owners. There’s no such thing as a high cap mag – fact is 30 round rifle mags, 10/12/15 round pistol mags (depending on weapon) are STANDARD CAPACITY magazines.

So yes Biden has it right, Leftists choose truth over facts so long as they’re the ones controlling what is true! They will create LIES told over and over again until true about Pres Trump, over facts of his presidency with the hopes of winning the White House in 2020.