MSNBC Natl Sec “Expert” Says Trump’s Order to Lower Flags is Secret Nazi Code


MSNBC suffering from terminal TDS has gone full crazy at this point. NBC News national security contributor, Frank Figluizzi said Pres Trump’s order to lower the Flags half mast to honor mass shooting victims until Aug 8th (8/8) is nazi code…

Yes you heard this lunatic right, Figluizzi says because the 8th letter in the alphabet is ‘H’, and Wednesdays date numerically is 8/8 thus H H it’s double secret nazi code to white supremacists for “heil hitler”!! This is what these people in the media and their lackeys spend their time cooking up. They don’t want to talk actual national security issues, economics, ebola outbreaks, countless poor living on America’s streets, no they want to talk conspiracy bullshit.

This is the stuff you hear on Alex Jones’ InfoWars the media, as a whole has condemned. They demanded and successfully had Jones deplatformed from social media over this kind of stuff. Apparently it’s okay for them under the First Amendment to be nuts, spreading this crap on the airwaves but not Jones! How does that work you f-ing hypocrites?

Figluizzi’s “ANALysis” is just one more example over how useless and corrupt the media has become. Had this been anyone else at any other time his mic would’ve been cut and the segment ended immediately the program dumping into a commercial. The Left’s contempt for Trump is off the charts all because they lost the 2016 election. That’s right kids never forget everything going on to this second is because they can’s get over the witch losing. If you want to empower these people and see more of this keep quiet, don’t be active and definitely don’t vote for Trump in 2020.