Dem Rep Green Calls Long Guns ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’


Dem Rep Al Green is doing his part to ensure “something is done” over what Leftists are calling a gun crisis in America after every single mass shooting. Leftists are masters of communication and spreading misinformation, to in fact make a lie become the truth. During this segment on CNN he called standard long rifles, like those many of you own and use, ‘weapons of mass destruction’. This is to further the demonization of legal, NON-military grade weapons with the hopes of having them banned and buybacks .. (he really means mandatory buybacks aka confiscations), as Green outlines.

Yes, these attacks ARE BAD but the media and the democrats only seem to care when it suits their needs. If they really cared they would be talking about the violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Camden NJ etc but they don’t because these are areas where strict gun laws already exist. To set up cameras, hold photo ops and town halls would put eyes on the truth that more laws aren’t the answer.

We do not have a gun problem in America, we have a people problem. The people problems includes those using these weapons to kill innocents as well as the people charged with enforcing the law but fail to do so whether it’s ignoring those with extensive criminal backgrounds or invoking a law like the Baker Act to hold those who are mentally unstable under medical observation before they hurt and kill!

More laws, gun bans, if not confiscations, are not the answer because criminals, evildoers and the mentally deranged DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. All these laws do is create more victims. If Green and his ilk were to get their way what will they do when the next mass killing is committed with a truck or a pressure cooker!?