Biden Says No Amendment Including the Second Amendment is “Absolute”


Joe Biden was telling the gun grabbers (Everytown and Moms Demand Action) at the Gun Sense Forum what they want to hear regardless of the fact he is completely wrong. How is the former US Senator and Vice President got as far as he did lacking basic reading comprehension skills that he could say to a crowd of people the “Second Amendment no amendment is in fact absolute.”

Sorry Joe you can yell “fire in a theater”, while stupid and irresponsible, it’s not illegal!
“Oliver Wendell Holmes made the analogy during a controversial Supreme Court case that was overturned more than 40 years ago.”~ The Atlantic

Secondly, the Second Amendment IS absolute as it is the ONLY Amendment in the US Constitution that has its own ‘Do Not Touch’ clause – “…shall not be infringed.” Four simple words the Left for decades has ignored with the abundance of gun laws they passed in this country that are a direct violation of the law (2A).

It’s amazing how the Founders are praised over their genius with the creation of the Constitution yet the same people praising their genius swear what they wrote in 2A they didn’t mean!

“A well regulated [which means well equipped and trained not the govt setting up literal regulations] Militia [per the Founders own writings meant every able bodied man and woman, and teen males as well] being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people [right retained for every US citizen] to keep and bear Arms [to own weapons and carry them outside the home, no restrictions on the types], shall not be infringed [no laws, regulations nothing shall override or interfere].”

Remember the Founders had just fought the largest most well-equipped military in the world and won. The last thing they wanted for themselves and future generations was to go through that hell again. Also keep in mind when this all started the British were attempting to take away their pistols, muskets and cannons! They wanted the people to be as well armed as the govt because doing so was a deterrent for tyrants to rise up. If we listen to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or any of the others they in fact want to be those tyrants the Founders were concerned about.

My recommendation: buy guns, ammo and magazines (NOT clips)