Pelosi Pushing Hard For Vote By Mail, It ‘Removes the Obstacles to Participation’

The democrats have thrown just about everything they could possibly think of in their attempts to stop and remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. Their multi-layered coup starting with Russian collusion to Ukrainegate have all failed. With the world being thrown a massive curveball, democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are now weaponizing the pandemic to get their pet projects instituted in emergency relief bills.

The fourth bill is inevitably coming and here Pelosi continues pushing hard to violate the constitution, to in fact change our election process by having vote by mail mandated because it will make voting safer and more convenient as it ‘removes the obstacles to participation.’


The truth is, the democrats know Joe Biden can’t beat Donald Trump in the election. Dems only option beating him at this point is through election fraud. Mail-in ballots will go missing for sure especially in red states.

Dems are the people who have mastered having fictitious to dead people voting, along with turning their head allowing illegals into the voting booths. When yours truly lived in CA and went to vote and ID was never required to prove my identity and when offered was told “that’s not necessary”. This is the exact reason dems have balked at Voter-ID laws, they know they’ll lose big in November so they accuse anyone calling for Voter-ID racist.

You’ll never hear a democrat say requiring ID is racist to:
buy/ rent a car
buying car insurance
drive a vehicle
buy/ rent a home
acquiring utilities (water/electric/gas)
buy tobacco products
buy alcoholic beverages
buy/ shoot a gun
board an airplane
getting medical care
financial aid
writing a check
paying by credit card
entering a night club
picking up a prescription &/buying certain cold remedies
applying for unemployment
applying for welfare
donate blood….

The list is quite long but oddly none of these things are deemed racist by the Left, but if you want Voter-ID well then you are the racist of all racists!

How will people get sick waiting in line to vote IF they follow the safety rules to keep their distance, wear a mask and not touch their faces, and cover up when coughing or sneezing? That’s it, that is how the virus spreads for the most part – you touch a contaminated surface with your hands fail to wash your hands and then touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose); medical experts have been abundantly clear about that.

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Only extra thing people would need to do to vote is wear a pair of gloves, dispose them after voting, and when they get home to thoroughly wash their hands. If people can’t follow these simple safety rules they probably shouldn’t be voting!

Honestly, if people would stop acting like PIGS in public we wouldn’t have this virus. Don’t cough, sneeze, wipe your nose into/with your hand and then touch everything you come in contact with. And don’t touch everything you come in contact with and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, or food too.

People are far more careful now than they were a month ago, most travel with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Going to vote is no different from going to the store now to buy essentials – whatever your ritual is after using the TOUCHSCREEN TO PAY for your stuff is the same thing you would do after exiting the voting booth!

Anyone pushing for mail-in voting is endorsing voter fraud.