Alyssa Milano Calls For Americans to Stop Buying Guns During Pandemic

One of the biggest most uneducated and hypocritical Hollywood elitists took to social media calling for Americans to stop buying guns during the pandemic. While Alyssa Milano enjoys the luxury of armed security patrol, high end security system and a tall fence around her property most Americans are not as fortunate.

The fact that criminals… convicted criminals are being cut loose from jails over the pandemic doesn’t seem to register in her thick skull. Crime and theft have been on the rise since the pandemic start with many brazen acts from San Francisco to NYC…

More importantly, the 200-300% increase in gun sales since mid February, many being first-time buyers (and within that they’re also democrats and/or used to hold an anti-gun opinion), isn’t registering with Milano and the gun grabbing cult that their arguments over gun ownership are D E A D. Americans want to own firearms to protect themselves because they know when SHTF they’re on their own!

None of this will stop Milano from her anti-gun push, and never-mind the fact that this HYPOCRITE of the highest order owns 2 guns!

She “believes” in the Second Amendment… okay for her not you. Go listen to that video again she’s making a blanket statement, not talking about “certain people” who shouldn’t have them.

Forget all that, why hasn’t this woman, who has admitted on multiple occasions, including during the meeting with Sen Cruz, that she has mental issues while owning weapons around her young small children, been Red Flagged by the Ventura County, CA District Attorney and Sheriff??