Carville Says GOP Will Literally ‘Kill People to Stay in Power’

Democrats strategist, James Carville was being rational just a few weeks ago but has gone back to his old crazy ways. While discussing the WI primary, where democrats were seeking to extend the absentee/mail-in ballot voting and even postpone the election over the pandemic that was blocked by republicans, Carville claimed the GOP ‘will kill people to stay in power… literally.’

The democrats are seeking to use the pandemic to change our election process. We have already had problems with absentee/ mail-in ballots going missing, not being counted not to mention Mickey Mouse and dead people showing up to vote. If they get their way, and they usually do even though they hold a small amount of power, they will turn the 2020 election upside down. These people are so desperate being stuck with Dementia Joe they want to have mail-in ballots for the general election!

This is the same party whose followers/ supporters have a documented history of violence against republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters. If anyone will kill people to stay in power or win an election it’s democrats and we have the photos and videos to back it up.

Dems always accuse the Right of things they have a documented history of doing. Scenes like this are going to be a repeat if the troublemakers like Carville don’t put a sock in it…