Bill Gates in 2010 Suggested Population Control Through Vaccines, “Something I love”, to Combat CO2 Levels


Bill Gates is big supporter of climate change and seeking ways to reduce CO2 levels. In this 2010 TED Talks presentation he points out current world population is at 6.8 billion and is expected to go to 9 billion, but he suggests that growth number can be minimized 10-15% to 1.3 billion through taking certain “actions” to combat/reduce CO2 levels. Other vids that have been floating around the internet, similar to this one, suggest he’s calling for outright depopulation through “killer” vaccines. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, but there is defiantly the suggestion of controlling population growth.


In explaining his formula for cause of CO2 level increases, Gates makes it clear to get CO2 levels to zero will require bringing the causing factors to zero, with one of them, the primary cause, being the population! Blaming the very existence of people is something we are hearing more and more in-line with the ever growing progressive movement pushing climate change, where some have supported the idea of not having babies anymore via population control.

His 3 bullet points for controlling population growth:
– vaccines (??? this one is scary and plays right into the hands of conspiracists)
– health care (“death panels”?, as we learned in certain health plans and are now seeing play out in Italy, where those over 80yo are not getting care with regard to coronavirus.)
– reproductive health services (aka abortion)

Some have suggested these comments Gates made proves he is a eugenicist; very big among progressives. That determination is really up to you, this site can only provide the video. In this time of great concern with a pandemic and talk about rushing vaccines to combat the coronavirus, it makes you wonder about the timing of Gates stepping down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to focus his time and effort on his philanthropy – climate change being one of his top priorities.

Timing is quite interesting….

Gates’ full TED talks presentation