Biden Supports Sanctuary Cities, No Deportations of ANYONE in His First 100 Days, Amnesty for 11M Undocumented


Joe Biden who has been considered a moderate democrat changed all of that during his debate with Bernie Sanders when he was asked two questions on illegal immigration. His position on sanctuary cities and deportations shows he supports the lawlessness we’re witnessing from some mayors, state legislators and governors, and a willingness as the potential next President of the USA to allow criminal illegal aliens to enter and live in our communities.

When asked about sanctuary cities and whether “undocumented illegals”* should be turned over to ICE, Biden unequivocally said ‘No’

On the question of deportations, Biden told the American people in his first 100 days in office NO ONE will be deported and he will push a bill to give amnesty to the 11M “undocumented immigrants” already in the US…

First off that means there will be a mad rush of illegals from all over the world to get into the US. The border patrol will be overwhelmed and we will have repeats of the border being rushed as it was in 2018…

This also means criminal illegal aliens, who have committed rape, sexual assault, theft, murder etc etc, who entered the US or have been here but haven’t committed any crimes in Biden’s first 100 days gets to stay! Also if this thing with the coronavirus doesn’t die out the US could also get a large number of potentially sick people entering the country spreading the infection.

Biden and the democrats do not care about national security on the issue of illegal immigration. When they look at illegal aliens all they see are future democrat voters. This primary election and how dems have handled things, with their candidates and the treatment towards the President and his supporters, has caused many democrats to #WalkAway. They need illegals to change the country’s demographics to gain more Congressional seats (this is how they “vote” right now; CA is the model for what they will do nationwide) with the hopes they’ll be granted full amnesty thus becoming new democrat voters.

With this virus going on and its effects on the economy, healthcare system etc Pres Trump is now in the political career fight of his life. This is the storm dems have been praying for to beat him in Nov. If Biden or Sanders wins you’re being told right now exactly what will happen. YOU WILL be turned into a third class citizen, like conservs trapped in CA. Illegals living lawlessly in the US will be treated better than foreign dignitaries given everything and dems will finally get their one party rule if illegals are granted amnesty and voting rights.

*There is NO such thing as “undocumented immigrant”.Using such language suggest said individual(s) have legal status to be in the US but their papers are lost, tied up in red tape or the dog ate them. DO NOT fall for this progressive propaganda, these people are ILLEGAL ALIENS.