O’Reilly: Bernie Sanders is Dangerous, Destructive to This Country


Bill O’Reilly was doing his review of the democrat debate citing a clip as the definitive example of how misguided and dangerous Bernie Sanders is, which should put the final nail in his candidacy’s coffin. The “democratic socialist” defended the accomplishments of communist regime of China, while at the same time condemning its authoritarianism!

Say what you want about O’Reilly, but one thing is for sure he is an expert on history. Everything he says about China is true, so how Sanders can stand there defend and make excuses is incredible. It’s no wonder O’Reilly is quite upset calling him dangerous, an idiot and he is destructive to this country.

The CNN moderators are clueless, just like most educators today who are praising socialism. They have no clue and are indoctrinating a generation that socialism is the answer to everyone’s problems. Maybe the fact that most Chinese people earn $6586 a year might be a wakeup call to the youth, but knowing the Left and Sanders they’ll defend that by saying ‘that may be true but those people are getting free healthcare, education…’ and all the other freebies he’s promising.

Some think Sanders is done, including Bill O, and Joe Biden has this nomination locked up. Well, people should know anything can happen in the blink of eye. The threat of I dunno a virus and its effects on the economy, medical care and socially can swing voters opinions, especially those who are barely getting by as it is. This virus is going to change this country. It is the perfect storm democrats have been waiting for, the ultimate crisis they cannot allow to go to waste!