MSNBC Analyst Epitomizes Medias Fit Over Trump Saying ‘Chinese Virus’


This clip of’s Karine Jeane-Pierre appearing on MSNBC attacking Pres Trump for rightfully calling COVID-19/coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus’ epitomizes the hissy fit the entire democrat party controlled media has had over his ID’ing the virus. It’s been disgusting quite frankly to see members of the American media defend China on something they caused.

Where did the virus come from? Wuhan, China – here’s the G-D study from 2015 showing they, along with US and Swiss scientists, were working on it Facebook and Twitter are suppressing from being seen! The Chinese clearly have crappy containment procedures in the BL4 lab because it got loose.

Why is it a crime racist to call it what it is?

This is just more nonsense from the Enemy of the People, and Trump is having no part of it. Pres Trump was questioned on the issue today and he defended his position, doubling down calling it the Chinese virus.

We’ve been naming viruses/contagions after the regions or where they originate for a very long time. No one was bitching about any of these:
Spanish flu
Japanese encephalitis
German measles
Zika virus
Ebola virus
Hong Cong flu
West Nile virus
Marburg fever
Coxsaki virus
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Stockholm Syndrome
Lyme Disease
but now saying Wuhan Virus/ Chinese Virus is racist!

The media hates Trump so much they willfully side with the Chinese just as they have with MS-13 when he called them animals. The Left really has a hateful anti-American pattern choosing socialism/communism over capitalism, illegal aliens over Americans, big Wall Street donors over Main Street America, criminals over the police etc. These people are not our friends, they are the ones who cheered when obama vowed to fundamentally transform the USA in 2008. If you love your country you don’t support its fundamental transformation and you don’t side with our enemy over a stupid name of a virus!

The media is choosing China over America, and should Pres Trump take action to get companies to move manufacturing back to the USA watch and see how much they will trash him over it.