Left Defends China, Thinks Calling Coronavirus ‘Chinese’ is Racist


The Left has chosen sides during this pandemic (of a virus which doesn’t care what color or religion you are) and are defending China who are responsible for this virus, where anyone including the President calls coronavirus ‘Chinese’ is racist.


The Chinese govt has known about this virus for months, going back as far as Nov 2019, some claim they knew about it as far back as October! CoV IS a Chinese virus, it IS NOT racist to call a name that correctly identifies it. What’s next we can’t say Spanish Flu?

The unhinged violent Left cannot put their hate for Pres Trump to the side for anything. They hate Trump so much they’ve taken China’s bait claiming US soldiers brought the virus over. A 2015 study says otherwise, that they along with labs in the US and Switzerland were working on a pathogen hybrid to develop “metagenomics data to help predict and prepare for future emergent viruses.“ The Left does not care about the damage they have done to date trashing Trump over his handling of the virus, pushing the Russia collusion hoax, and all the impeachment nonsense. They want to keep this country permanently divided, there is no other way to explain this vile unnecessary behavior. If they’re not terrorizing Americans that CoV is the Walking Dead virus they’re busy driving the racism angle.

And the wonder why no one trusts and detests them!