Pelosi: Republicans Reject Science and Reject Governance


How many lies and misrepresentations can Nancy Pelosi say in less than a minute? The House SPOKESWOMAN attacked the President, Senate Majority Ldr and GOP claiming they “reject science and reject governance”

“The president is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs” Nope he never said that. Trump actually asked a question whether a treatment would be possible to attack the virus in the same way disinfectants quickly destroy the virus. Filthy Nancy NEVER saw the presser, or she lacks basic listening comprehension to know he never said that.

“Mitch was saying that states should go bankrupt” Yep McConnell said it, but Pelosi left out the reasoning behind it. This “stimulus” is money taxpayers are on the hook for. It will be added to the national debt, so WHY should Americans in West Virginia be burdened with bailing out poorly run state pension fund in say California!? States that are in trouble financially didn’t just happen in the last 30-60 days, they aren’t broke because of the China virus. This pandemic is setting off those smaller economic bubbles, like the many that have gone off in the markets, with many still building massive pressure (ex $1.3T in student loan debt). Let those states go bankrupt and reorganize, just like any corporation the democrats would condemn receiving a bailout.

“Republicans reject science and reject governance” Wrong, republicans live in reality, basing their decisions on facts not emotions, their perception of the truth or cleverly flawed computer models built by individuals with clear bias and an agenda. Nanzi talks about not wanting more govt than we need but she has done everything possible to grow govt in 30+ years in office, including the last 12+. Need you be reminded “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in the bill” (obamacare was biggest govt power grab by govt in US history).

American’s problem is not the GOP or Donald Trump – Nancy Pelosi, her party and everything they represent is a direct threat to this nation.