Doctors ‘Looking at the Numbers, Following the Science’ Drop Bombshell on Medical State’s Virus Narrative


“If you’re gonna dance on someone’s constitutional rights you better have a good reason, you better have a really good scientific reason and not just theory”

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi operate several clinics throughout California, where in one county alone they tested 5,213 patients with the virus concluding it’s no different than the flu! By ‘looking at the numbers and following the science’ the doctors dropped a bombshell on the Medical State* concluding there is no need for people to be ordered to stay-at-home (which in fact compromises peoples immune system making it weaker), business and schools remain closed, all of which is wrecking the economy and peoples lives.

Reporter: ‘Do you think people worry too much?’
Dr Erickson: ‘Of course they are, but that’s from media telling them to….’

These two doctors have a lot to lose if they are wrong, so clearly they are not if they feel this confident to give a presser comparing the numbers, questioning how this pandemic is being handled including questionable record keeping for the number of virus related deaths!

Regardless of their praise, it appears these doctors are not big fans of Dr Anthony Fauci (who has the President’s ear) as they point out he hasn’t seen any patients while making decisions that effect 330M+ Americans.

‘Big businesses are open, little businesses are not. There’s no science behind that as we’ve gone over, that is not science’

There is NO reason for people to be practically on house arrest over a bug that is no more lethal than the seasonal flu. Americans are being arrested for going to the beach, taking their kids to a park/playground, paddle boarding in the middle of the ocean, peacefully assembling, getting fined up to $500 for going to church (Keep in mind they’re sitting in their cars, maintaining social distancing) etc.

The short news clip above doesn’t do the doctors justice, there’s far too much to unpack that really must be seen. Here is the full presser, it’s one video you’re going to want to spend all that free time you have watching.

Youtube pulled 23 KERO ABC News’ video claiming it was in violation of community standards or some nonsense because the doctors went against the WHO.
Here’s another cut until that too gets pulled. Do you see now how much this is all bullshit!?

Reporter: “Do you think people worry too much?”
Dr Erickson: “Of course they are, but that’s from media telling them to. I am telling them sheltering in place decreases your immune system, and then as we all come out of shelter in place, with a lower immune system and start trading viruses bacteria, what do you think is going to happen? Disease is gonna spike, and then you’ve got disease spike amongst a hospital system with furloughed doctors and nurses.”

Do you see the convenient loop being laid out?

Why such drastic measures when the science NEVER backed up the current “cure” (social distancing, shutdown of society)? Who benefits from it? Who has the power?

What are we to do? What are Americans to think 2-3 months into this nonsense other than something nefarious is going on?

This is site steers clear of conspiracy theory but when you look at the facts you’re left to conclude:
Dr Fauci is in with Bill Gates (who loves vaccines and has suggested using them to control population in order to lower CO2 levels) and the Medical State who are all snowballing the President with the help of the media, who has done considerable damage as they’re clearly against any rational thought or treatment, challenging doctors, like these two, and the President every step of the way as they repeatedly terrorize you so they can get their damn vaccine pumped in all of us while the democrat party rams their radical agenda through with a “gun”(the virus) against GOP’s head to comply!! 😜

It sounds crazy, like something right out of a bad movie, or what Alex Jones would cook up but look at what’s going on. Look at the players, the things they’re saying vs what’s really happening – NUMBERS, the FACTS, don’t and can’t lie.

98% of the people who contract the virus will recover. Most of us who have been sick between Nov 2019 to date most likely had it!

(FTR there are many threads like this)

It’s time to stop playing this game. Americans need to rise up defy leaders acting like tyrants violating Constitutional rights, pushing hysteria and terrorizing us that this is some end times bug, which it clearly is not. Continue with protests, open businesses, GO BACK TO WORK there are not enough police to lock up millions of Americans.

*The Medical State is a similar cabal to the Deep State of unelected officials within the NIH, CDC, and medical related special interest individuals and groups,even the WHO, who clearly operate with an agenda for power and control. As of now its apparent that agenda is to push for a vaccine that, from the looks of how this “pandemic” is being handled, will be mandatory.