Pelosi Brags She’s ‘Ready to Walk’ From Future Emergency Relief Bills If She Doesn’t Get Her Way


The democrats getting many of their pet projects rammed through the emergency relief bills has emboldened the party as well as Nancy Pelosi. Because the media enables her, and constituents have sat back accepting her behavior holding bills while they pay the price, Pelosi is bragging she’s ‘ready to walk’ from future bills if she (the dem party) doesn’t get her way.

The GOP has set a dangerous precedent by biting their tongues allowing the dems to get funding for programs unrelated to the pandemic. Dems know they can “hold a gun” to the GOP’s head now because the media won’t say a word to condemn them while Americans wait for help. This all matters because Pelosi and company and vowing to change election law in the next bill – they want to implement mail-in voting, “for your safety”.

This next election will be the most important of our time. Yes, you hear that every election cycle but look at what the dems have done in the last 3 years, besides abusing their power in these relief bills. They’ve done everything possible to destroy Trump, they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box so they want to control what actually gets received at the polls.

The circus that took place in Broward Cty, FL in 2018, and the 28M ballots that went uncounted in the last 4 elections will be common occurrence in 2020 if Pelosi and the dems get their way.

Best way to avoid this is to get Americans back to work asap. We now know the Medical State is just manipulating the numbers to keep people locked down while dem leaders around the country do their thing taking rights away and those in DC ram their agenda through. You are getting a first hand look into what they will do if they win in November – they must be stopped.