YouTube Pulled Viral Video of CA Doctors Press Conference

The communists running YouTube have taken down 23 ABC News | KERO’s copy of Dr’s Erickson and Massihi’s press conference who challenged the Medical State’s narrative on the virus. It’s just as Ingraham pointed out what the doctors said, this is all about controlling YOU.

YT claims the content violates community standards and just a week ago their CEO said they would remove content that goes against the World Wuhan Health Organization’s recommendations on COVID19.


The Founders were smart when they wrote the First Amendment, but they never imagined an entity/ corporations with massive power and reach silencing dissent, bypassing the Constitution. This site is all about upholding the Constitution and small govt, but what are we to do when a company as big and powerful as Google/YouTube controls the flow of information? Correct me if I’m wrong but A LOT of information that is censored is political in nature, it is an election year, so are they not engaged in election interference?!

Congress needs to step in against Big Tech, as a whole, and reign them all in. Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram and many others all run by unhinged violent Leftists are acting like publishers NOT platforms. They should have any and all tax incentives and other govt perks pulled immediately. Again these companies are in command of massive flow of information they should be treated like a utility, like tv and radio where when they got to big and influential they were put under govt oversight and regulated. Time for talk is over on the subject, you need to melt your Senators and Representatives phone lines down, crash their email servers and if need be set up camp in their office demanding they take immediate action.

So why do it? Why the censorship, siding with WHO, condemnation of anyone speaking of and doctors having success with alternative treatments like hydroxychloroquine? Simple, write this down: They want their vaccine