“Disinfectant” COVID-19 Treatment Gets FDA Approval For Clinical Trials!

Uh oh, it would appear Pres Trump may have been tipped off about a new therapy scientists at Pulmotect are developing that would work like a disinfectant in a patients lungs that has FDA approval for clinical trials!

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For the record it was ABC News and the WH Press Corps president Jon Karl who first suggested injecting bleach and isopropyl alcohol into a patient’s lungs not the President. Trump asked about a possible method of treatment, “And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?,” that would have the same effect on the virus as harsh disinfectants. Karl and the entire Left took Trump’s words out of context and ever since have been accusing him of wanting to inject bleach into people. Trump never said it but he had to have heard about this therapy from Pulmotect, to spitball the idea and run it by Under Secretary for Science and Technology William Bryan during the April 23rd press conference, that sounds like what these scientists are in fact working on!

Leo Linbeck, Chairman for Pulmotect was joined by Dr Colin Broom, Pulmotect’s CEO, appearing on the Ingraham Angle where they explain this therapy, PUL-042, when introduced into the lungs causes them to produce ‘superoxide and peroxide’ which “disinfects” the lungs!

This Pulmotect update video is over a month old, maybe someone saw it and mentioned it to Pres Trump for him to ask about it a month to the day later!

“PUL-042 is a novel combination of two synthetic molecules (Pam2 and ODN) that are agonists of Toll-like receptors. These Toll-like receptors are proteins on the surface and endosomes of cells that recognize pathogens and activate the body’s innate immune system.

By stimulating these receptors on lung epithelial cells, PUL-042 initiates an innate immune system response that better protects the body from infections. This single therapeutic has been shown to protect against each of the major classes (bacterial, fungal and viral) of pathogens.”

This is yet another alternative treatment avoiding the need for the Medical State‘s G-Damn vaccine they’re trying to rush and pump into everyone. We don’t need Dr Fauci and Bill Gates’ vaccine between hydochloroquine, Gilead Science’s Remdesivir, PUL-042 and people’s natural immune system to fight this virus that is no more lethal than the seasonal flu.

Of course Big Tech will do their part now to suppress this information because it’s not coming from an authoritative” source = Wuhan Health Organization (WHO).