Biden Claims Trump ‘Wasted A Long Time’ Reacting to Outbreak and Never Used DPA For Masks to Vents!


How many lies can Joe Biden tell in two and a half minutes? He’s at the right place to do it claiming, per “reports” from the NY Times and Washington Post, that Pres Trump wasted a long time to react to the outbreak after getting warnings from the intel community.

For the millionth time Trump issued a travel ban against China in January that Biden forgets he called Trump a racist over. Not too soon after he also issued one against Europe. What were the democrats and media doing? They were acting like the outbreak wasn’t a big deal, we should be more concerned with seasonal flu, Pelosi was partying in Chinatown, AND the dems were too busy trying to impeach Trump!

In another example of Biden’s memory being completely shot, a symptom of dementia he’s suffering from, the old kook says Trump hasn’t used the Defense Production Act for masks, gowns, swabs, other med supplies and ventilators!

First off Trump didn’t have to use the DPA because companies from My Pillow, Oakley to General Motors and countless small businesses were VOLUNTEERING to make supplies and equipment. Distilleries didn’t have to be instructed by the govt to make hand-sanitizer they chose to on their own because it was good business. There are so many ventilators being made that they’re going to other countries who need help. Now there were a couple companies who were giving the President trouble where he in fact invoked the DPA, and he just did it again this week keeping meat plants open!

These are just outright lies coming from Joe anyone can look up. Trump has done everything Biden accused him of not doing, this is just categorically untrue. Racist Sharpton knows it too, but he hates Trump so much he let’s ding-dong Joe run his mouth.

THIS is why Americans despise the media. They aren’t reporting facts, they aren’t correcting guests when they tell untruths. The media is complicit with telling lies about Trump because they are the arm of the democrat party and they want to keep Americans in the dark about all the good President Trump has actually done.

How do we know that to be true?

Democrat Governors at odds with the admin on other issues have praised Pres Trump for getting them the help they asked for, quite quickly!

People protesting tyrant leaders over stay-at-home orders need to start protesting out in front of the media studios!