Nurses Coast-to-Coast Blow Apart the Media’s Pandemic Narrative


Protests coast-to-coast are a clear indication that people have had enough of this shutdown. What has played out with the virus in communities is not matching the narrative people are being fed by progressives in office and the media.

It’s not just people out of work participating in these protests either. Many health care workers are at these rallies and they’re saying things that frankly blow apart the narrative confirming what a lot of Americans think about what’s going on – a big lie!

Here are two examples of nurses in NC and CA telling people what’s really going on in the hospitals:

‘I’m here to tell you the media is lying to you. My hospital right here in downtown Raleigh is at 60% capacity, we normally run 110. We are seven hundred surgeries behind, we have entire floors shut down….
I worked yesterday in my ICU that’s designated for this virus was empty – was empty. The medical floor that’s designated for this has never been full, and I look everyday…
Don’t believe the lies.’

‘I work in the emergency room I see it. Anybody that comes with respiratory issue they don’t test them, they say positive COVID…
I’m literally on the front lines, I’m seeing it, I worked 13-hour shift yesterday, the numbers are not coming out the way they’re saying them.

They’re hyping the numbers up.’

These are just two, there are many more out there, where the vids will surely be removed, like the video of 2 CA doctors speaking the truth, over Big Techs claims they’re “harmful misinformation” that is not coming from “authoritative” sources ie the Wuhan Health Organization.

This virus is not what the progressives have made it out to be. At this point the intention is for control over out lives because a medical emergency apparently supersedes the US constitution and standard protocols and procedures. You’ve seen the power grabs, they don’t need to be explained here. Progressives love every minute of this shutdown. The virus has opened their eyes to a new way to get their agenda through under the guise “public health safety”, or “for your safety” while they hold gun to GOP’s head of Americans in immediate need for help.

Dangerous precedents are being set, you have to speak up and if necessary engage in civil disobedience until these unconstitutional orders are reversed (going to the beach, playing at the park, opening your business while taking the necessary precautions)

Share the videos as much as possible, download them for when they are scrubbed from the net.