Bartiromo Calls Graham Out For Doing Nothing After Vowing to Hold Deep State Hearings

Sen Lindsey Graham promised well over a year ago, when he became the Senate Judiciary Cmte Chairman, that he would hold hearings to get to the bottom of the Russian investigation hoax, which was really a coup d’état against Pres Trump. Maria Bartiromo called him out on his promise that to this day Graham has done absolutely nothing, not one hearing after everything we’ve learned about the FISA abuses, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andy McCabe, the dems and Hillary PAYING for the Steele Dossier (which was nothing but Russian disinformation to trigger Russia Russia Russia), and Gen Flynn being set up.

And what was Lindsey’s excuse? ‘I’m not going to interfere in an ongoing criminal matter period’. When he says ‘we’re going to learn/ find out…’ it’s all the nonsense we’ve heard from him since he became the chairman. This answer is nothing new.

None of that seemed to bother the democrats with their hearings, that became a weekly/monthly event while the FBI and Mueller were doing their thing. As a matter of fact Andy McCabe, a star member of the Deep State, for example LIED during a hearing but it had no affect on the ongoing investigation against Trump.

Why not bring Deep State coup conspirators in to testify, they might open the door to more criminal activity? Because Graham has no interest in bringing justice to this country and President Trump. Remember DC is one big happy family, these guys bash each other on the clock but hang out after hours they’re all friends who put on a show for all of us.

If Graham was serious he would have held hearings by now. Watch you’ll see after Gen Flynn is exonerated he’ll come up with another excuse, probably over the sure to come multiple civil lawsuits the General will fileksing the same excuse.

John McCain may be dead, but he still has his claws in Graham who for a short period of time was showing a spine.