Musk Reveals Twitter Was Permanently Censoring Users at Dems Request James Woods Vows to Make Dems Pay for What They’ve Done

If you aren’t aware Elon Musk has followed through with his promise to expose everything the Left, via Twitter, has done to America.

The company infested with radical Leftists was in cahoots with the DNC and Biden camp censoring users on the fly anytime anything came up they didn’t want in the flow of information.

You may have been one of those people targeted and silenced, like myself, or actor James Woods who is included one of the exhibits Musk provided to Matt Taibbi who did a tweet storm (one of many to come) explaining how we were “handled”.

Woods called into Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss everything unfolding, how it’s hurt him professionally where he vowed to go after the Biden, FASCIST DNC and their ilk, “I am not afraid of you I am coming for you”.

[Facebook and Twitter have literally taken money out of my pocket by censoring my content. Any donation amount you can make here to keep my site up and running is greatly appreciated].

Woods plans to sue them for clearly violating his First Amendment rights and hopes others will do so as well. These monsters of the Left MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION THEY’RE DOING TO THIS COUNTRY. This cannot be allowed to fade away like most issues eventually end up.

With the info being revealed thanks to Musk you need to understand clearly:

1) The 2020 election was clearly rigged by #Twitter, #Facebook and ALL of the ”news” media (ABC CBS CNN MSNBC NBC NPR PBS NYTimes WashingtonPost etc) with the DEMOCRAT PARTY’s blessing
2) 100.1% Joe Biden IS an illegitimate “president”. He DID NOT win the 2020 election.
3) What these monsters have done is TREASON as far as Im concerned and those involved deserve the full letter of the law up to and including execution! The damage done to America is extent, it’s not just feelings folks, the Left has DESTROYED the US economy, foreign relations, opened the border to MILLIONS of illegals not to mention criminals and terrorists! WHEN we get attacked again you can be sure they got into America via the DNC & Biden’s open border! That boys and girls for any in doubt of charging these monsters with treason, is aiding and abetting enemies of America!

The days of being nice, polite, diplomatic is over as I’ve been preaching since 2009. The other side couldn’t careless how prim and proper you want to be and deal with things, THEY HATE YOU THEY HATE THE CONSTITUTION, CAPITALISM AND THIS COUNTRY they deserve NOTHING let alone diplomacy. Start treating them like the monsters they are.