Schumer Calls For Amnesty, Says Democrats Want Immigration Bill Because Of Population Decline

With the border wide open since the illegitimate individual was installed an estimated 5M illegal aliens have entered the USA so it’s no wonder now communist party ldr Schumer is calling for blanket amnesty for 11M illegals. Interestingly the monster claims we need them because of the population decline, Americans aren’t having enough babies somehow maybe because dems are murdering… aborting them 24/7; this is Replacement Theory he and his commie ilk accused the Right of pushing but it’s really them!

Maybe in the next election people will show up instead of spitefully sitting home, to keep Schumer and the communists from controlling the Senate. We’re literally a heartbeat away from that and when they get a supermajority you can be sure amnesty will be pushed through AFTER they take your gun rights away.