Biden Chief Of Staff Threatens Americans Before Midterms: “One Final Warning”

Ron Klain, the illegitimate regimes Chief of Staff, carried on the dementia joes threats and voter intimidation that anyone who votes for conservatives will put democracy and America in danger.

These bastards can’t run on the economy, border security, successful foreign policy etc, all they have left is fear mongering, by accusing the Right of everything they’re doing stoking fear that if repubs/conservs are elected things will get worse! There’s no limit to the deflection these SOB’s will go to to win.

These monsters are gaslighting the country that America is a “democracy” under threat by law-abiding Constitutionalists!

To put is as simple as possible democracy = majority rule I S MOB RULE

Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, fmr East Germany, fmr USSR Putin is trying to reconstitute and all the other global freedom hating shitholes are democracies!

American is Constitutional Republic, we are governed by laws

So yes I 100% support the end of democracy and support a REPUBLIC which is what America was founded as.

80M Americans DID NOT vote for the old guy.
He DID NOT get more votes from Black Americans than 0bama
ANYONE who believes 2020 was a fair election IS an election denier
The old fool and the harlot “winning” IS the Big Lie.

Anyone who falls for this garbage shouldn’t be allowed to vote, operate machinery, or reproduce.

Here’s a refresher on the American Government