Bristol Palin Verbally Attacked in Bar, Heckler Unrepentant (2 vids)

Leftists like this are looking for a fight. They want physical confrontation, listen to it again he said if her mom, Sarah, was there it would have been a lot worse! He is correct b/c odds are Todd would have been there and probably slam him to the ground! Hanks said he is passionate about country, passionate about politics yet this BULLY could not give the little girl one example! He says they are dangerous yet no examples of why he thinks that. He is so up on things he had nothing to say when directly confronted as MOST PROGRESSIVES, so they do as he did attack call names and incite. He is right about one thing he IS TRASH. Do not physically engage people like this folks you are empowering them and enabling them if you do. Take their power away and expose them for being the real bad guys as TMZ did here!