Obama On Class Warfare: I Wear It As A Badge of Honor

What is wrong with this guy? Seriously, not poking fun at him calling him names is he bi-polar or something. He is constantly changing his story on any issue. Or is it the more obvious, he is a liar who does and says whatever works to get his way with the uneducated, uninformed, unengaged zombie drone army?

Is there anyone out there who is a psychologist/psychiatrist that can legitimately diagnose him? Self centered, opportunist, bi-polar, egotistical, narcissistic, pathological sociopath?!! What, what is he outside of the political labels of anti- colonial/ socialist/ marxist/ communist progressive? Never in my life have a seen someone like this, his psychosis is off the charts is it not?

Also has he not just admitted here that he is in fact dividing the nation by playing out the class warfare narrative that we all know is a lie? I mean to lie and say the rich arent paying their fair share when he knows in his example he leaves out Buffet pays a lower tax b/c its a tax on capital gains not income! Please Rep Issa find a way to initiate impeachment on this destroyer of America!!!