Woman Accuses Herman Cain of Sexual Groping

“Allred added that Bialek does not plan on filing a lawsuit.” Uh oh sounds to me this is nothing but more of a witch hunt with nothing to back it up. I ask people start digging on Allred and this woman something is definitely wrong here…

Im curious where are the police reports to substantiate this. Surely a woman being violated like this would have gone to the police if not ran to an attorney! Allred wouldnt dare come forward trashing Cain without SOLID INDISPUTABLE facts to support this! I mean she wouldnt want to risk her license on just defaming someone for POLITICAL GAIN would she?! Allred needs to be investigated and disbarred she defines ambulance chaser.

I want to know how much this woman is being paid and how much Allred is making off this? More importantly WHERE the money is coming from?!

The left is completely running scared at this point with claim after claim but nothing to back it up against Cain. The more this continues the more I am in support of Cain ‘12 vs any other candidate. They(left OR right) are clearly scared of him.

Cmon there must be some Jim Garrisons out there with the guts to investigate Allred and Bialek. There must one, 1 attorney, investigator or prosecutor out there with some morals who has had it. Step up and do you damn job!