Obama Vows to Veto House GOP’s Bill to Extend Payroll Tax Cut


by Stephen Dinan
The White House said Tuesday it will veto a payroll tax cut extension being prepared by House Republicans, with President Obama insisting the bill also must raise taxes on the wealthy rather than cut government spending.

In a statement of policy, the White House said the bill, which the House will vote on later Tuesday, is a Republican effort at politics rather than a compromise deal.

“This debate should not be about scoring political points. This debate should be about cutting taxes for the middle class,” the statement said.

Republicans say they have given Mr. Obama everything he wants in the bill, including an extension of this year’s payroll tax cut, additional limited unemployment benefits and a continuation of full payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

But rather than imposing a tax increase to offset the costs, as Democrats wanted, the Republican proposed a freeze on spending for federal salaries