Big Brother IS Watching You!

If you frequent the Drudge Report then you have seen this…

So they have eyes on Drudge, been watching (safe to assume) EVERYONE for the last 18 months according to an article in The Atlantic Wire. It clearly cites from the Reuters report websites like Facebook, YouTube etc. social websites EVERYONE uses one time or another in their day is being looked at. I can say EVERYONE because I know for a fact Saving the Republic has had hits /visits from government, intelligence, cybersecurity agencies to the DOJ and DHS. IMO If they are looking at small sites like STR then they are looking at everyone!

A few times I have even posted snapshots like this to the STR Facebook Fan Page with their stat info following visits from said agencies. Some STR fans have suggested its nothing more than a “bot” but couple that with this news and it’s safe to say ANYONE sharing news about the government and whats going on in the world via social media etc. has been looked at.

The Reuters article cites “The purpose of the monitoring, says the government document, is to “collect information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture.”” Yea whatever that means, but if you ask me in a nutshell they want to know how quickly and accurately information is being shared and how to deal with it. WHY?

Iranian uprising in ’09 and Arab Spring comes to mind. We know access to the internet was shut off/down by the ruling regimes in the middle east during civil unrest. That said maybe, get your tin foil hat on, DHS and company are looking to see how quickly information, hot news and topics are shared here in the US when they hit the wire. They may possibly want to see where it’s most concentrated and then how it filters out to the other social media outlets. This could give them a timeframe on how quickly they need to respond when SHTF!

I said when not IF the SHTF. With the onset of the 2012 election, Occupy movement, our current economic status teetering on disaster with many believing an American Spring is coming civil unrest in America is highly possible. This monitoring by DHS and company is what you do in surveillance, you study and plan on how to respond. It was the basic theory behind Fast & Furious; let the guns go to Mexico and see how the guns move, where they end up, how long it took and with whom! Don’t forget for well over a year there have been news stories out about giving the president an internet kill switch. This new story is just a piece to that bigger puzzle!

So what do you do? Not much any of us can do… sorry I’m sure that’s not the answer you are looking for. Best we can do is pressure Congress to put a stop to it. There are many invoking the Constitution in their rhetoric, now is the time to call their bluffs. Get them to stop DHS and company to stop invading our personal lives and treating us like terrorists. Don’t forget Congress members and their families use these social media websites so they too are being watched!!

Pressure our current roster of GOP Presidential candidates to address issues like this instead of the childish bickering they ALL are engaged in as of late. If you get the opportunity at a town hall or some event to speak with a candidate hit them hard on this. Bombard their social media and campaign websites to look into this instead of focusing their time in trying to destroy each other! Ride them to address it in the next debate… it will give them something new to talk about after 15 debates (feels like 100) You would think after talking about the same things over and over again they might welcome this!

I would advise limiting personal information and who you share it with online. Some folks list enough of their personal lives online, aside from government eyes looking, that is more than enough identity thieves need to make your life miserable.

My advice to those who can afford it invest in a HAM radio!


These are the two articles listed from the Drudge image above:
The Atlantic Wire: Homeland Security Is Monitoring The Drudge Report, The New York Times
Reuters CA: Homeland Security watches Twitter, social media