Mark Levin Tears Into Conservative Establishment

Mark Levin IMO is probably feeling as most Americans.. we are tired of the establishment, media and the left telling us who we should and shouldn’t support. In classic style Levin takes shots at everyone from Karl Rove, Anne Coulter to firing away at Mitt Romney and of course Ron Paul! Mark points out in their attacks at select candidates the establishment is cherry picking voting records, using Santorum as an example.

Levin defends Santorum, Gingrich and Perry asks why they have to be destroyed and not discuss/ debate the issues about them. He then addresses the outright viciousness and vile attacks we all know to well from Paul his Paululons and the left.

“… Ron Paul campaign is absolutely vicious”
“… Rove is not an analyst, Rove is a Mitt Romney cheerleader”
“… My dear friend Anne Coulter gone over the edge”
“… 5 years later when Romney is running against Ted Kennedy he’s trashing Ronald Reagan”