• Tmicots

    It was great im 20 years old moved out when I was 16 had a job apartment went to school and had a nice 4×4 truck paid for….. ya he did the right thing now she needs his boot up her tail end.

  • guest

    Sorry, I disagree with this one. This man is not a loving father. I can see why he has a disrespectful daughter. He uses his gifts as control. I am a grandmother. I learned strict parenting skills from my parents, and raised my child that way….but in a loving way. This man is a tyrant. Yes, I react negatively to the way this daughter speaks and behaves, but I feel badly for the child who is in a trap not of her own making. She is acting out against forces out of her control. Where is the love??? From her father, her mother, her step mother??? This man has no control over my life, but I already feel rebellious toward his manner. I would not like being under his control, as I suspect his first wife didn’t, either. This family needs help.