Obama Wants You to Demand the Koch Bros Make Their Donors Public

Can you believe the arrogance of this guy and his regime?! Organizing an attack at private citizens!





Tell you what BARRY when you make your medical, education, financial aid records public, DENOUNCE Soros backing you (and give back every cent he has donated to your regime) along with the hundreds of hardcore radical organizations “we” will consider poking at the Kochs.

This clown in the Oval Office has this massive machine behind him and he is afraid of 1 news network, Fox News, conservative radio of the likes of Beck, Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, Limbaugh etc and the Koch Bros! Its like 1000 to 1 odds.

Yea yea we know it wasn’t him but probably one of his campaign drones who probably posted this. Doesn’t matter what president uses (allows) his office like this to attack private citizens who have done nothing wrong? He is chipping away America and you continue to sit silent in your catatonic state too busy with sports, American Idol, Kardashians, The Real Sluts Housewives of _, Jersey Shore etc. Meanwhile this regime and its minions like Occupy are working at light speed to destroy this nation.

Don’t you dare act surprised when everything comes apart and next thing you know you are charged as a “thought criminal“.