ABC News High Def Video Confirms Wound on Zimmermans Head

Uh oh now what OSM(Obama Stream Media)? Maybe you shouldn’t have jumped the gun calling Zimmerman a murderer?! Maybe he attacked Trayvon! Maybe we should let the system work instead of trying this think in public court since NO ONE was there but Trayvon and George!

Folks what you are witnessing is media malpractice at the highest level by those who were once supposed to be the guardians of information. First they portray Zimmerman as some lone wolf vigilante now it’s the “Oh my! Look at the back of his head now that we have a clean version of the film! Maybe there is some legitimacy to his story.” Meanwhile the OSM stays silent on the racist radicals who have enveloped Sanford, don’t mention any other shooting atrocities taking place in the nation because they don’t fit their racist bias agenda.

Oh you can be sure those racists, from Sharpton to the Black Panthers, will say this is all fabricated its al digital editing there is no wound.