If Past May Days Are Any Indication, Tuesday Could Get Ugly

Occupy monsters will doing everything they can tomorrow to start the American Spring. While they and their handlers continue to plan and act out their plans those on the right will continue to sit idly by and do nothing. Oh they will be blogging and setting Twitter a blaze with their outrage, but that’s about all you will see come out of the right

Speaking of Twitter, the monsters enjoyed toying with conservatives last night and into today by getting an active conservatives account suspended multiple times.

Some on the right claimed victory after the account was re-instated but what it showed was weakness and failure of the right. They continued to complain and launch hash tag campaigns etc while the monsters continued to attack. Many involved in this Twitter pissing match are very vocal but lack taking any real action to combat the left. I’m not going to name names right now but if you are aware of what happened you know those on the right really did nothing in retaliation. These people in effect fell right into the monsters trap.

The conservative voices on Twitter complained, created a top trending hash and then took it to the next level whining to Twitter mgmt! That’s exactly what the monsters wanted, because now the systems in place, algorithms/ automation etc, that make it go are going to be “fixed”.

IMO the monsters wanted this, because the system will be modified and make it harder to report & deal with the real troublemakers. That is how the game will be played out again tomorrow and the days following. The drones will push things to the edge, to see how far they can get and then you will hear cries from the right for someone to step in and take control. The monsters know exactly how far to push an issue to influence the change they want.

So when your route to work is being blocked tomorrow by these monsters understand something it’s all part of their plan. They want you to complain, run to someone to fix it and make it better. We’ve seen this play out before in the 1930’s Germany; use your imagination you know exactly whom I’m talking about.

That nut rose to power because the people just wanted the pain to stop and welcomed everything he did! Same thing is going to happen again here in the US with Occupy and the American Spring. The monsters are coming fully loaded for battle while the conservatives want to talk about it.

Back to Twitter last night, one editor even said something to that effect and I blasted him for the comment. No reply back of course. These monsters don’t care what anyone says, don’t want to talk anything out. They are beyond this, they are about action and know NO ONE is standing in their way! So where am I going with this?

The monsters need to be dealt with and outsmarted by the right, instead of the right running to a higher authority to deal with them. Where is the counter movement to Occupy? Where are the protests at all of the monsters headquarters and safe havens? Where are the boycotts against high-profile public figure, company, group, entity etc that supports them?

The army of darkness is fully mobilized while the good guys want to sit around and talk about things. I got news for all of you. You’re going to lose if you don’t get off your asses! The monsters are way ahead and winning right now… but you guys with a voice (radio shows, well-known websites/ blogs) with a reach to hundreds of thousands even millions of conservatives you just want to keep on talking about things and venting…. its paying off so well!