Bill O’Reilly and Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Epic Gun Rights Blowout

O’Reilly is 100% wrong! We all know he doesn’t do the research, his producer for this segment should be fired. Along with being wrong on how to acquire weapons he is confusing semi-automatic rifles with assault rifles. An AR-15 looks exactly like an M-4. Difference is an AR is semi-auto and costs couple grand less. Same with the AK-47 example… the AK’s O’Reilly is speaking of at gun shows etc is an SKS. Chaffetz was correct you must go through the ATF to buy assault rifles NOT semi-automatic, machine guns, cannons etc!!! There is government oversight in the acquisition of these weapons.

Oh and the CO shooter bought 6000 rounds not 6000. He could have easily ordered a few hundred from multiple sites or brick and mortar shops. There is no way to track ammo purchases and it would be a violation of privacy to do it.

Bill O you are wrong and your producer hung you out on this!