Fox Anchor And Tucker Carlson Battle Alan Colmes Over Union Cartoon Of Rich Man Peeing On Poor People

Progressive dirtbag Colmes defends socialism saying with sarcasm in an attempt to trivialize the video that “it’s a cartoon”. Ok fine Alan you asked for it! When “just cartoons” start rolling out of the Emperor as a communist remember that!

I have a challenge for those of you in digital animation. Start producing “cartoons” of 0bama as a socialist/ communist, as outlandish and absurd as this video. I want to see a video of his majesty burning money and the Constitution, vacationing in Hawaii on your dime pissing on the US! And when the left whines the only response they will get is “it’s a cartoon, it’s a metaphor”!

Nov 6th 51% of AmeriKa empowered lowlifes like Colmes. Take a look at one of the many new faces of your new overseers!