States United to Prevent Gun Violence Release Anti-Gun Propaganda Ad “Ed – A Petition For Stronger Gun Laws”

If you’re expecting a politically correct response from me on this “ad” move on….

Hey assholes that made this ad a little update for you. NO WHERE in the Second Amendment does it say anything about muskets (or cannons in case you have another ad in waiting) nor does the First Amendment (We are talking about Bill of Rights here) say anything about teletypes, fax machines, broadcast tv news the internet etc to pass along your ef’d up propaganda.

This ad is so absurd I want to meet the jerk who came up with it! I want to know who is funding these people. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are getting funds from the don, George Soros or Captain Nanny, Michael Bloomberg!

I am tired of this shit from the left. Why is there no one with money on the right funding and countering these insane pieces of propaganda? All you people on the right with money in your pockets keep it up with the pats on the back and not writing checks, making donations to those of us on the front lines. While you sit on your pile of money telling us “good job”, “good luck”, “you’re doing a great job” the left is putting its money where its mouth is and they are winning this battle to destroy the Constitution. So remember that when you look at your bank statement and understand someday they will come for you!