Philly Cops Detain 2 for Handing Out Pamphlets Protesting Against the Fed in Front of Independence Hall

Bye bye First Amendment! According to the woman (Barb) they were handing out fliers protesting the Federal Reserve. If you’re wondering or don’t know it’s a national park and you must be licensed/ permit holder to hand-out flyers! Ok fine but the cuffs were totally unnecessary along with the swarm of rangers. I mean of all places to arrest/detain people, the birthplace of our nation!!! What a disgrace!

You have to love the guy running the camera for getting in the rangers faces asking if they are proud of what they are doing!
The best part of the video is when a mother, who states her relation to Robert Treat Paine(one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence) there with her son lays into the rangers saying “What are you teaching the kids? I don’t understand this? Like today it’s him tomorrow it’s us because we might say something you disagree with or what someone else says… this is what you’re teaching!?”

“On Saturday, May 18th at 3:00 pm, I was walking with my wife Barb in Philadelphia from Market Street to Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets, and handed out a few fliers about how the Federal Reserve Bank is de-valuing our nation’s currency to people standing in the line at the Liberty Bell location (something I have done almost 20 times in the past). I briefly spoke to a couple of them who asked me for more information. We then proceeded to continue to walk to Chestnut Street when we were stopped by two Park Police who said that I could not hand out fliers without a permit (I had already finished handing them out actually; I had a few left in my hand, and was in the process of leaving the area). They began citing some obscure federal regulation that I had never heard of. I calmly told them that I was peacefully exercising the Rights of Free Speech and Free Press as I was walking through the area, which are Natural Rights which can not be granted by man, nor alienated from man, and which they do not have the “right,” regardless of what the terms of their “job” may tell them, to usurp from me or to stop me from exercising. I informed them that the unalienable Rights to Free Speech and Free Press were also guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which, as the highest legal document of American law, certainly trumps and negates any un-Constitutional federal regulation which they were quoting to me, even under their own legal system. I calmly informed them that they were violating those Natural Human Rights by even attempting to stop people from exercising them and claiming that our Free Speech Rights can be invalidated by an obscure regulation, and by making the claim that I now need to PAY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR PERMISSION to exercise a Natural Human Right”…read more