Senator Inhofe: DHS Trying to ‘Dry Up’ Ammo Supplies

As I and many others have warned the emperor will push the limits as to how far he will go against the Second Amendment. He will never blatantly rule against it, instead finding ways around it. Aside from his and the progressives, at the state and federal level, to push for more legislation against gun owners he still has one trick left up his sleeve which is to dry up the ammo supply.

What is truly concerning about all of this is the silence, complacency even complicity from ammo manufactures. We have well over 150 weapon manufactures who have taken a stand to say they will not sell to anti-Second Amendment states and federal agencies. Some companies like Magpul Industries has even gone as far as to make preparations to leave anti-Second Amendment states they are based out of.. but we hear none of this from ammunition manufacturers.

Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall hearing any major ammunition manufacturer going public and saying “we will no longer fulfill these massive ammunition orders placed by the government when we know civilians cannot get ammo in sufficient supply at a reasonable price.” Did Winchester go public and say this? Did Hornady or ATK make a statement they will side with the people? If I missed please correct me because last time I checked there has been absolute silence from the ammo makers.

Guns in the people’s hands or the govt are useless paperweights without ammo! The ammo makers hold the keys to this entire debate about gun control. Their lack of taking sides yet fulfilling large govt purchases should be of concern to every American. To any ammo manufacturer who may be reading this shame on you!


Claims Obama administration intentionally undermining 2nd Amendment

By Drew Zahn | WND
U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., says he believes open purchase orders from the Department of Homeland Security to buy over 1 billion rounds of ammunition are part of an “intentional” effort by the Obama administration to “dry up the market” for gun-owning citizens.

“We have in this country the Second Amendment that preserves the right to keep and bear arms,” Inhofe told radio host Aaron Klein, “and the president doesn’t believe in that.”

Inhofe was a guest on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York City’s WABC station, talking about his Ammunition Management for More Obtainability – or AMMO – bill, which is designed to limit non-defense, armed federal agencies to pre-Obama levels of ammunition. The bill, S.843, has been referred to Senate committee, while a similar bill sponsored by Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., has been referred to House committee.

“President Obama has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America,” Inhofe asserted. “Yet he’s been voted down in a big way by a large majority, and so my feeling is that he’s doing this to buy up [ammunition] so honest, law-abiding citizens here in the United States, like my son, can’t even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much.”

The DHS has claimed it’s simply creating bulk purchase orders to save money and that 80 percent of the ammunition is used for training purposes, but Inhofe isn’t buying the explanation.

“We had someone testify the other day the DHS has the ‘right’ – this is a bureaucrat who said this – they have the ‘right’ to buy as much as they want, and they’re planning to buy 750 million rounds,” Inhofe said. “That is more than three times the amount our soldiers are using for training to defend our nation.”

“I believe it’s intentional,” Inhofe said of the ammunition shortages many private and local law enforcement purchasers are experiencing. “It’s just another effort to restrict gun activity and ownership.”...more