Mark Levin Blasts Obama: “Our Founders Would Say You Should Be Impeached”, “Maybe If He’d Shut Up With His Hot Air” There’d Be No Global Warming

The Great One tore into the emperor today after his ridiculous speech on climate change.

“…Our Founders believed? Our Founders would say that you should be impeached. Your whole speech is an indictment of yourself.”

The agenda is so clear now to overwhelm our economic system from every angle possible. His majesty knows he has to move faster with all the scandals hitting, that’s why he has threatened to use Executive Orders on this climate change joke which will cost jobs and bankrupt the coal industry(as promised). Then through Reid and Boehner he will ram immigration reform down our throats, spending us into oblivion, positioning our healthcare system to be taken over under a single payer system once 0bamacare fails and the list goes on and on.

The Alinskyite marxist is putting Cloward and Piven into full effect!!