Rep Peter King Calls For Arrest of NSA Whistleblower Story Glenn Greenwald

What did Greenwald do that was so bad besides do his job like James Rosen, of Fox News, and report a story?! Greenwald may have names but he hasn’t released anything yet. Are we now going to prosecute reporters because they have data and make threats? All he did was tell Snowdens story and show the “machinery”; he didn’t turn it on, show how its built.

This should be of concern to all Americans regardless of what side of the aisle you are on. The press, referred to as the Fourth Estate is delegated in an unofficial capacity to keep government in check, is once again under attack. Granted journalism is dead, but we get these blips from time to time when they actually do their jobs like we have seen over the last couple weeks.

The government doesn’t like this and now you know why the AP, Rosen and now Greenwald are under attack! They expose tyranny instead of being good little soldiers doing what they are told. The NSA spying on Americans story is going to cause a big divide in this country. We are going to see politicians on both sides come out in defense of big government showing their true colors.