Rubio on Immigration Reform: Legalization Comes First Then Border Security

Uh no sorry Senator it doesn’t work that way. How long did it take for you to be a tool of the progressive machine in DC hmm? How many months? What did they promise you, the 2016 nomination? You sir have proven how powerful the progressive establishment in DC is, we thank you for exposing them… again. You on the other hand are dead in the eyes of many conservatives.

This nation is literally on fire with a flailing economy, massive debt, a new scandal every week and your priorities have gone from someone campaigning and railing against those responsible for it all to jumping on board with them!

The only bill on immigration we the people want to see out of DC is the complete opposite of your agenda… a bill locking the border down, handling the visa problem and dealing with the enablers of illegal aliens. You of course want to do the opposite and I have news for you. The latin community isn’t going to all of a sudden fall in love with the GOP with this bill. You have no clue what you are doing, you are nothing but a tool for Graham, McCain, Schumer, Durbin etc etc.

Hope you enjoyed the ride I think come election time you are going to have some problems, esp if this bill gets through!

illegal aliens middle finger

Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’

Byron York | Washington Examiner
In a Spanish-language interview Sunday with the network Univision, Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading Republican on the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform group, made his strongest statement yet that legalization of the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants must happen before any new border security or internal enforcement measures are in place, and will in no way be conditional on any security requirements.

“Let’s be clear,” Rubio said. “Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization. The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.”

In most of his public appeals for the Gang of Eight bill, Rubio has stressed its enforcement provisions, saying that border security must come before immigrants are granted legal permanent resident status. What he has not stressed so much is the fact that the bill would legalize the 11 million almost immediately, after they have passed background checks and paid some sort of fine. That would happen before any new security measures are completed, or even begun.

But on that he was very clear in his Univision appearance. “As for the legalization, the enormous majority of my colleagues have accepted that it has to happen and that it has to begin at the same time we begin the measures for [the border],” Rubio said. “It is not conditional. The legalization is not conditional.”